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Secession Art & Design opened our Bernal Heights location in August of 2007, and has since grown to represent over 50 independent artists and designers. Our retail location is a gallery, boutique, and workspace combined, creating an untraditional storefront that allows customers to experience curated shows by owner, Eden Stein, and see the process of art being made in-house by Heather Robinson.


10th Anniversary happiness! See you this weekend

Please donate to our 10K for 10th anniversary fundraiser

Secession Art & Design's 10th anniversary party was a huge success. The gallery was full from the time we opened until the time we closed. Our community rose to the occasion. Thank you to all the artists, makers, Mission Bernal merchants and loyal customers who showed up. I am still glowing and ready for whatever lies ahead. 

The party may be over, but the store is open Tuesday-Sunday 12-7. Please stop by to see our beautiful show, Ecological Resilience, featuring Cindy ShihHeather Robinson, and Victoria Veedell. The scent of the flowers from the party still fills the air.  This is a perfect sensory way to view these landscapes and abstracts that take you through an ecosystem of nature and pattern. 

Our 10K for our 10th Anniversary fundraiser has a long way to go. With the amount that we raised so far I was able to replace our glass, graffiti film, and the vinyl lettering on our front door that got damaged during the attempted break-in. I also got our front windows professionally cleaned (so much Mission dust), and painted the entire gallery. The gallery feels bright and full of positive energy again. 

If we can raise more, the donations will be used to hire a new staff member, and purchase locally-made benches, a film screen, projector and speakers for more possibilities in the back gallery. Please donate if you can. 

You rock, Eden

In-house artist & designer Heather Robinson celebrating with owner & curator Eden Stein

In-house artist & designer Heather Robinson celebrating with owner & curator Eden Stein

Eden Stein