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Midnight Moon in the Garden of Goodbye: Shane Izykowski

Secession Art & Design welcomes you to a dark beautiful experience artistically orchestrated by Shane IzykowskiMidnight Moon in the Garden of Goodbye focuses our gallery on a moment in time where you can leave your regrets behind and be at peace. Through art, film, music, and interactive participation, you get to be part of the story being told by this show. Winter's passage into spring brings reflection, regrowth, and change. Shane's oil paintings question what the journey is to the afterlife. A painting of a gatekeeper opens a door to a vibrant garden glowing in the night, where you are greeted by spirit animals. In this dream state, you get to say the unsaid, give one last hug, and hold onto the feeling of those that you love and have lost. When it is your turn to journey to this garden, the midnight moon will guide you to where you are meant to go and cradle you in its arms. 

Please join us for the opening to meet the artist on Friday, April 5, 6-9pm.
All art is available for sale online (use in-store pickup locally, or we will happily ship in the US and Canada). You can visit us at the gallery Thursday-Sunday 12-7pm.

There is a place
Suspended in the space between death and the afterlife
Absent of time, devoid of innocence
To enter, you must choose
One key means eternal wandering, one key brings the possibility of peace
To enter, you must learn to see with your mind

Once inside, you are invited to shed your earthly body
To celebrate and to forgive
You are invited to imbibe in the taste of forgiveness
To say goodbye to your regrets

Your peace will be found
Buried on the hill of the ultimate surrender
You feed the soil, your years will be your roots
And your sacrifice will grow the garden

Midnight Moon in the Garden of Goodbye

Art Opening Party Friday, April 5, 6-9pm

Artist Talk Friday May 10, 6-8pm

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