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"Myths & Legends" - Dianne Hoffman and Joshua Coffy

Opening Party Friday June 9, 6-9pm

Secession Art & Design's new summer art show, Myths & Legends, will intrigue you with stories that have been embellished throughout history. 

Assemblage artist Dianne Hoffman uses lost and discarded objects to create deep dwellings for her fanciful creatures, inviting you in to see every last beautiful detail. Her vintage materials (such as dolls, drawers, and even car parts) have a story of their own, and Dianne often puts them to surprising use.

Painter Joshua Coffy will make you believe in something strange and unusual with his soulful beasts. With a subtle touch of humor, Josh explores these animals’ personalities through acrylic and collage. What if the most feared and ugly creature in the forest were actually sweet and funny? What if characters from multiple stories met in one imagined epic scene?

Please join us on June 9, 6-9pm, full of curiosity and ready to be delighted.