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"Connection" – Amy Ahlstrom and Heather Robinson

Secession Art & Design is proud to celebrate its 9th anniversary show, Connection, featuring painter Heather Robinson and urban quilter Amy Ahlstrom. Both San Francisco artists live and breathe art, experimenting with color, pattern, and texture. Robinson’s studio is nestled in Secession where she has been a resident for 9 years. While at the gallery you can see her process as she paints and pours gel medium through her original stencils, creating art that is alive with decorative vibrancy. Ahlstrom quilts her intricate and expressive quilts in the Bayview. Hand-quilting visual elements like graffiti or pawn shop diamonds, her muse always comes from urban walks and her photography of captured moments. Side by side, both artists play with surface and happy accidents, creating art that is full of personality.

Connection is on the walls July 31 – October 1.