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For a history of Secession's gallery shows before 2016, take a look at our Postcard Archive.

12th Anniversary: Susan Parker, Heather Robinson & Stephanie Steiner

Secession Art & Design’s 12th anniversary show, Luminous, features paintings by Susan Parker, Heather Robinson and Stephanie Steiner, three San Francisco artists who create art that encourages you to get lost in the detail and textures. These paintings invoke movement with attention-grabbing rhythm and pattern. Through paint, each artist fills the canvas with light and color, allowing the viewer to experience the art in new ways each time.

Please join us on Friday, August 2, 6-9pm to meet the artists and celebrate our anniversary with us.

Exhibition Dates: August 1 - September 28, 2019

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currentEden Stein
Gradient: Andreina Davila, Brian Singer, and Dilcia Giron

Secession Art & Design's summer show, Gradient, is an exploration of color and shape featuring Andreina Davila, Brian Singer, and Dilcia Giron. Working in three different mediums - encaustic, book pages, and acrylic - they each express so much without saying a word. When you see these pieces from far away, they catch your eye with their vibrancy and scale. As you get closer, you are magnetically drawn into art that is inspired by their passions, hardships, and politics. 

Please join us on Saturday, June 20, 6-8pm for an artist happy hour. Andreina Davila and Dilcia Giron will be live-painting.

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Eden Stein
Midnight Moon in the Garden of Goodbye: Shane Izykowski

Secession Art & Design welcomes you to a dark beautiful experience artistically orchestrated by Shane IzykowskiMidnight Moon in the Garden of Goodbye focuses our gallery on a moment in time where you can leave your regrets behind and be at peace. Through art, film, music, and interactive participation, you get to be part of the story being told by this show. Winter's passage into spring brings reflection, regrowth, and change. Shane's oil paintings question what the journey is to the afterlife. A painting of a gatekeeper opens a door to a vibrant garden glowing in the night, where you are greeted by spirit animals. In this dream state, you get to say the unsaid, give one last hug, and hold onto the feeling of those that you love and have lost. When it is your turn to journey to this garden, the midnight moon will guide you to where you are meant to go and cradle you in its arms. 

Please join us for the opening to meet the artist on Friday, April 5, 6-9pm.
All art is available for sale online (use in-store pickup locally, or we will happily ship in the US and Canada). You can visit us at the gallery Thursday-Sunday 12-7pm.

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Eden Stein
Breathe: Hilary Williams, Phillip Hua, and Colette Hannahan

Secession Art & Designs Holiday show, Breathe, invites you into the natural and urban worlds of Hilary Williams, Phillip Hua, and Colette Hannahan. The recent wildfires in California taught us to not take life or nature for granted. The smoke has cleared and the rains cleansed the air. Each painting welcomes you into a moment where the artists found peace experiencing wonder in its natural beauty. Please join us on Friday, December 7, 6-9pm to meet our artists, shop our art collection, and celebrate the holidays with a glass of cheer. 

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Surroundings: Shannon Amidon, Mary Burger, Leah Jachimowicz, Nolan Jones, Heather Robinson

Secession Art & Design's new fall art show, Surroundings, featuring Shannon Amidon, Mary Burger, Leah Jachimowicz, Nolan Jones and Heather Robinson, explores how each of these five artists experiences their environment. Through different mediums, techniques, and processes each artist puts their own spin and interpretation on this theme. The collection moves you through their world of urban landscape and nature that pops with color and texture.

We’re participating in Open Studios Weekend 3 - Join us for a preview party Friday, October 26, 6-9pm, or visit us October 27-28 11am to 7pm to meet the artists and learn a little about their process and techniques.

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Civilizations - Art by Joshua Coffy & Heather Robinson

Secession Art & Design is celebrating our 11th Anniversary with an art opening featuring artists Heather Robinson and Joshua Coffy. They have collaborated to bring us Civilizations, a two-person show that tells a story about animals that are endangered or on the verge of extinction. Please join us on Friday, August 3, 6-9pm for the celebration and opening of this powerful show. 

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Entropy - Art by Georgianne Fastaia, Rachel Znerold and Robin Denevan

Please join us Friday, April 13, 6-9pm to meet the artists and see the new show!

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