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Scott Fin: Sunrise, Golden Gate South 101

Scott Fin: Sunrise, Golden Gate South 101


Scott says, “I love to explore hidden, secret, abandoned places, and feel compelled to tell their stories through my lens. I sense their past and feel led to latent compositions in chaos, neglect and dereliction. The more orphaned a subject, the more inviting and intriguing its tale. By shooting off the beaten path, my art documents the unknown, catches moments in history, and reveals the undiscovered. My images are inherently balanced and because I, the witness, am everywhere in each of them, they exude their own energy. My use of vivid color intentionally evokes positive associations; dancing swirls of light add a sense of levity and playfulness to an otherwise disturbed environment.”

18”x18” photograph on decommissioned “No Parking” sign

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