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Joshua Coffy: Titans Forever Intertwined

Joshua Coffy: Titans Forever Intertwined


About this series, Josh says, "I am a believer in myth, legends and stories. The power of these entities has drawn me closer since I was a boy. Growing up in rural Ohio I heard stories of fascinating local legends and even believe to have had my own encounter with Sasquatch. Since then I have always had an interest in cryptids and their stories. Approaching this series I was pulled even higher into their orbit by doing the research and viewing countless images of each creature. Sharing this adventure with Dianne Hoffman and her sense of assemblage absolutely helped me to piece together their mysteries. I feel like a detective tracking down each beast, only to find new questions at every turn. Here I present my findings thus far.

Legend has shown this classic battle of the Kraken and the Great White Whale many times. To me they seem like an old married couple. Sometimes loving...sometimes fighting. Maybe we can look at this legendary battle in a new light."

24" x 48" Mixed media on wood panel


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