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Josh Coffy and Heather Robinson: Armada at Daybreak (Orca)

Josh Coffy and Heather Robinson: Armada at Daybreak (Orca)


Orcas are highly social animals that live in matrilineal family groups (pods) with sophisticated hunting techniques. Though they’re apex predators and found all over the world, several populations are threatened due to prey depletion, habitat loss and pollution.

This art is created to highlight many of the creatures that are considered endangered or threatened. Their habitat is constantly being compromised in a give-and-take with civilizations. In a sense the work is created with that same give-and-take. Artist Heather Robinson creates the playing field with layers of fabric, design, colors, and patterns. Then she hands the work to artist Joshua Coffy to add the actors. This collaborative effort is a delicate balance that pushes and pulls the attention, giving voice to the many creatures that are facing this challenge of Civilizations.

36" x 48" acrylic and fabric on panel

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Please note: This piece will not be available for delivery until after September 1, 2018. Please contact Eden at 415-279-3058 if you have any questions.