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Heather Robinson: Napoleon Weaver Bird

Heather Robinson: Napoleon Weaver Bird


Heather Robinson says, "These works are about the complexities and contradictions of the idea of "home." Home can be a happy, safe retreat - a nest - and at the same time be an entangling attachment - a net. In these paintings, I borrow materials, motifs and techniques from traditional domestic arts, painting textile patterns, crocheting lace, and embroidering words and details onto the surface. I build up many layers in the pieces, layers one may or may not be able to see through. Some parts completely obscure what's below, others are cut away to reveal the painting beneath. The "occupants" of the paintings - birds, butterflies and flowers - are taken from collections of antique trading cards and grounded within a simple landscape."

23.5" x 23.5" Acrylic and fabric on panel


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