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Cindy Shih: Chasm

Cindy Shih: Chasm


Cindy Shih is a visual artist who lives and works in San Francisco. Her work starts with a narrative, usually starting with writing, which evolves to imagery that is strongly rooted in forgotten traditions and techniques, including fresco, Chinese landscape painting, and realism. 

Cindy says, "This series is a glimpse into a journey of understanding my cultural past that informs so much of who I am, but remains elusive. My interest in Philosophy and early training in Chinese calligraphy led me to exploring the principles of traditional Chinese literati painting.  

Seeking inspiration in the resilience of nature, this series is my visual interpretation of a process expressing present-day, abstract concepts through the contemplation of time-honored traditions: the simplicity of line, texture, sensitivity of brushstroke, abstract color fields, and the placement of natural elements."

18" x 36" Venetian Plaster, Watercolor, Acrylic and Ink Diptych

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