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Bughouse: All My Tapes

Bughouse: All My Tapes


Inspired by the art of collecting, each photograph showcases realistic images of vinyl, cassette tapes, and stereo equipment printed on canvas, or heat transferred onto wood. From a distance, vinyl art and typography appear abstract. Your personal music experience is entertained as you take a closer look, and start to read the art.  Tactile moments are recorded in memory by the art of making a mix tape, or carefully putting the needle down on your favorite record. Reconnecting with this imagery, and knowing it is not lost forever allows the viewer to approach this art with conversation and connection. 

Signed by the artist Jeff Klarin. Edition digitally printed to archival standards using fine art canvas and pigmented inks. Made in Los Angeles.

32" x 53" Archival Print on Canvas. Edition of 30.


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